Cumulative Impact Zone (CIZ) Chapbook

The second poetry chapbook by South African born, York based author Marc Brüseke. Limited run of only 25 copies! Yes, only 25 copies & only £2 each! All copies are hand numbered & hand stamped with the Analogue Submission Press rubber stamp by the author. The chapbook contains 17 pages of poetry printed DIY style on an abandoned laser printer we found tossed into a skip – the cover is black ink on brown recycled card & the interior is black ink on white paper. Four of the copies are black ink on a yellow card cover.

This book is very much in the same vein as Marc’s previous chapbook – A Face Now Rendered Indescribable. Marc’s writing is casual & loose in nature, possessing a distinct lack of ‘wordiness’ that is often associated with poetry. Observational poems that are humorous, raw, unfiltered & to the point. Marc’s poetry draws its influence from the Beat culture of the 1950s, the San Francisco Renaissance & the Meat poetics of the likes of Charles Bukowski & William Wantling – so if you like that kind of stuff, then check it out!
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