Gregarious Beach # 2 Chapbook

The second poetry chapbook by York based artist & author Gregarious Beach. Limited run of only 25 copies! Yes, only 25 copies & only £2 each! All copies are hand numbered & hand stamped with the Analogue Submission Press rubber stamp by the author. The chapbook contains 17 pages of artwork & poetry printed DIY style on an abandoned laser printer we found tossed into a skip – the cover is black ink on brown recycled card & the interior is black ink on white paper. There is one special copy printed with black ink on a yellow card cover.

gregarious beach
was on buy one get one free
and he was the one that got free
gregarious beach
looked up, stood around, went back
and played the harmonium through
a delay pedal for eight days straight
gregarious beach
is hot lucozade to your ill
gregarious beach
entered an amiga 500 virtual reality
and has been there ever since
gregarious beach
is available for transport cafe knees
up, easy bahmitzvas and the
deregulation of inner eyes

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